Les romantiques échouent toujours à prédire l’avenir. Comment leur en vouloir ? Ils ne connaissent déjà rien du présent ni de la réalité, et c’est ainsi pour le mieux.
L’enfer comme espoir d’une vie meilleure !

I can’t agree with the high-brows that weird is dead – either in poetry or anywhere else. They’re are suffering from mechanized imaginations. But, I, for one, refuse to submit to the arid earthbound spirit of the time; and I think there is sure to be romantic revival sooner or later – a revolt against mechanization and over-socialization, etc. If there isn’t – then I hope to hell my next incarnation will be in some happier and freer planet. Neither the ethics or the aesthetics of the ant-hill have any attraction for me.
Clark Ashton Smith


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